How Is Tape Used To Promote Safety?

Tapes are used to promote safety in a variety of ways, from creating an airtight containment during an abatement job that prevents the spread of airborne hazards like mold and asbestos, to protecting electrical splices properly to prevent electric shock. Tape is also used to mark hazard areas and create boundaries to prevent entry into danger zones. Today we will be focusing on tapes that are specifically designed for the purpose of safety and hazard marking.

Flagging tapes are used in a variety of industries, from building and construction to forestry and surveying. These non-adhesive tapes are used to mark elements that are present on job sites that may not be visible, such as an underground gas line on the site of a commercial construction project. In this case, a length of flagging tape would be tied around a stake inserted into the ground at the location of the gas line, letting workers know to be careful when excavating in that area. Flagging tapes are also used in forests to mark trails, keeping visitors safely on the right path and protecting the surrounding environment from impact.

Floor marking tapes, often made with an SPVC film backing, are commonly used in manufacturing facilities and other industrial environments to mark different areas and hazards that workers need to be aware of. This might include marking the area around an electrical box to warn against getting too close, marking walking paths out of the way of large machinery or vehicles that pass through, or marking stairs and tripping hazards. Floor marking tapes can be found in a variety of solid colors and warning stripe patterns, and each one communicates a specific warning.

Lastly, barricade tapes are used in a variety of industries to communicate warnings and manage access to work sites and hazardous areas. These tapes are non-adhesive and can be found in a variety of colors and prints, including “Caution,” “Danger,” “Lead Hazard,” and more. Barricade tapes are designed to catch your eye and draw your attention in order to prevent injury that could occur from entering an area without taking proper precautions.

Whether the nature of your job causes you to come in contact with potential dangers on a regular basis, or a special project requires some extra caution, tape can be a simple and cost-effective way to help reduce preventable injuries and the costs associated with them.

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5 Things To Consider When Choosing An Electrical Tape

Electrical tape is a critical component to electrical insulating and phasing tasks, and can be the difference between a safe splice and an accident waiting to happen. With so much on the line, using the right electrical tape is critical to getting the job done right the first time.

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing an electrical tape:

1. Tape Grade

The grade of tape that you choose has a major impact on the tape’s performance. Factors such as backing construction, thickness, and dielectric strength all fall under tape grade.

Electrical tape backings can be either monomeric or polymeric in construction. Monomeric electrical tapes are made using short-chain plasticizers, which have a tendency to degrade over time, but are an economical choice for light-duty, general purpose jobs. On the other hand, polymeric electrical tapes are made using long-chain plasticizers, which are more durable, provide tighter seals, and protect better against corrosion in professional applications. For these reasons, lower grades of tape tend to be monomeric, and higher grades are usually polymeric in construction. The thickness and dielectric strength generally increase as tape grade increases as well. Keep this in mind as you choose a tape for your application.

2. Color

Basic general-purpose electrical tape is most commonly sold and used in black, but you can also find electrical tapes in every color of the rainbow. These are primarily used for phasing tasks as a way to color-code wires to indicate voltage, phase, and other information that electricians would need to know when working with that wire. Using the right color of electrical tape for phasing tasks is critical to ensure safety – the wrong tape color could indicate an inaccurate voltage quantity, putting technicians at risk.

3. Tape Stretch

A tape’s quality is demonstrated not only to the tapes ability to maintain its hold over time, but is also reflected in its ability to stretch and return to form. Elongation is a measurement often used to describe an electrical tape’s ability to stretch before breaking. A higher elongation means that the tape is strong enough to be stretched further without breaking. Equally important is a tape’s ability to return to form after being stretched. Lower grades of tape – particularly of monomeric construction – tend to keep their stretched-out shape rather than returning to form and holding tight to the wire being phased or insulated. You can easily see the difference in stretch between black monomeric and polymeric tapes because monomeric tapes lighten and appear grey when stretched, while polymeric tapes remain black, indicating a more stable construction. In order to properly insulate a wire using electrical tape, the tape must be stretched as it is wrapped around the wire, and should want to return to form after it is applied, resulting in the tape holding tight and not flagging or coming loose, even when subjected to moisture and other elements. For minor, non-critical tasks where a lower quality electrical tape is sufficient, it is okay for your tape to have less elongation, but for major jobs requiring precision and long-term hold, always look for a tape with high stretch that returns to form.

4. Ease of use

It might seem like a no-brainer, but don’t forget to choose a tape that is easy to handle! Look for an electrical tape that is hand-tearable and easy to wrap around wires. It should stick quickly and unwind easily from the roll without twisting or curling during application to avoid frustration on the job.

5. Code Compliance

Electricians know that the tools they use – and how they use them – play a significant role in whether or not a job is up to code. When choosing and electrical tape, pay attention to the label to determine whether or not the tape meets the requirements dictated by your area’s building codes. Tapes that are UL Listed or CSA approved have been rigorously tested to ensure they will deliver the performance quality needed to get the job done well.

Growing Importance of Social Media Marketing in Present Era

If you are one among those involved in selling products and services online or just publishing content for ad revenue then you better not ignore social media marketing. In present era, it is the most effective method that can make your website look lucrative and money-making platform. It is one of the most reliable methods of marketing where you may easily promote your website or business. In present times, where everything has become online it is one of its own kinds of powerful strategy that can get you links and massive amounts of traffic. There can be no comparison of social media marketing services as it may easily get you large numbers of target visitors or audience. Perhaps today not to pay attention to the growing importance of social media marketing can be really hard.

It is totally natural and can be performed very easily. You get natural links without any discernible pattern. Adding to this, your website also gets exposed to different people in a very spontaneous manner. And, this differs from paid advertising, which has its own commercial implication. Moreover, it is more cost competitive and requires moderate money investment when compared to the other options available.

In recent times, it has definitely proved to be an excellent method for boosting knowledge and credibility for your firm among its target audiences. These days, many entrepreneurs are adapting social media marketing to make a long lasting impact on users and build successful business. It is almost impractical to find businesses, big or small that are not making use of this medium to stay in touch with consumers. In fact, today you may find many SMO experts that ensure that your website ranks high on the various search engines. Today there are many SEO companies that offer SMO services and follow different promotional activities like forums for discussion, blogging along with regular posting of updates on different social networking sites like- twitter, Facebook, and many more, but there are only few of them that have expertize in area.

With social media optimization, it has become much easier to receive client feedback, which in turn facilitates option for improvement in products and services. The best part of SMO is it is community specific and fit perfectly with a campaign targeting other websites or search engines. You may not deny the fact that creating and maintaining a clean online reputation is never easy, but with an increase of social networking sites, SMO has turned out to be the most effective tool in building a clean and professional image more effectively.

In a nutshell, today where marketing is essential and normally termed to be the most vital facet of any business strategy, social media marketing is definitely going to stay and may gain more importance in coming days. Marketing is all about building your brand and making using of social media and optimizing it can best idea to go with.