The Two-Hour Sales Presentation Vs. A Seven-Minute Attention Span

The average decision-maker has an attention span of just a little over seven minutes. I’m convinced that adult attention spans have been carefully programmed by network television, by the seven to eight minute time segments of entertainment, wedged between commercial breaks. On the other hand, the average sales presentation in the United States runs from one and a half to two hours in length. As a sales manager, you should easily figure out what’s wrong with this picture.

Those of you with complex products or services, or with large product lines may be saying to yourself, that it takes at least an hour to demonstrate all of the features and benefits of what it is you sell and another 20 to 30 minutes for questions and answers, right? Well, if you want more sales, help your staff to cut the length of their presentations down appreciably.

The $elling Edge┬«, Inc.’s Sales Success Strategies workshop, teaches a six-step selling process that can be completed, no matter how complex the product or service, in 30 minutes or less. We speed up the selling process, not only because of a decision-maker’s lack of attention , but more important, so that a sales professional can make more presentations in a given time period. And, the more presentations made over time, the more sales that are consummated.

You do the math. If a sales representative averages one and a half to two hours for each presentation as compared to an average of 30 to 40 minutes, how many more presentations can your staff make each year? How many more sales?

The six-step selling process, taught in the Sales Success Strategies workshops, is outlined in detail in a self-directed learning manual of the same name. You can learn more about it at:

4 Top Tips: How to Effectively Negotiate a New Car Price

Purchasing a new car can become a fairly complicated process. It means spending hours on researching a suitable car, testing long forgotten math skills to calculate the finance terms and prepping to get the best price out of a car deal. However, the benefits to negotiate a car price are plenty. With a negotiated price, not only do you pay less money but you can also use the money and invest it elsewhere. Learning how to effectively negotiate a new car price is a skill that you can master. Keep the following tips in mind while you set out to negotiate the price of your next car.

1) Do Your Homework

Before turning up at the dealership, make sure you have done enough research regarding the car you wish to purchase. Conducting a good research will assist you in getting a clear picture of the type of car you want, the required features and the approximate budget you can allocate to the car. Many car manufacturers have special prices on their website. You could use the research to your advantage during negotiating the price of the car. If you go into the dealership with an idea of a fixed car and an approximate price, you will be able to dismiss any attempted sales tactics to make you buy an unnecessarily expensive car.

2) Visit Several Dealerships

After conducting a thorough research, try to visit more than one dealership. Amongst all the prices, compare the price of the lowest deal with another dealer and ask if he can beat the previous price. Another reason to visit various dealerships is to get the car with all the features you require. Expanding your reach will enable you to obtain the best price while still retaining all the features of the car you wish to purchase.

3) Negotiate on the Total Amount

Many a times, an illusion of a lower monthly payment clouds your judgment. A low monthly payment is usually spanned out over a long time frame with a heavy interest rate. In order to negotiate the lowest price, make sure you negotiate the final price based on the total amount of the car. Additionally, if you provide a down payment and repay the remaining amount within a short time frame, you will be able to make a better offer to the dealer.

4) Lay a Floor Price and a Ceiling Price

During the process, have a mental range between which you would like to negotiate your car. The floor price is the lowest price at which you should start negotiating. Usually, the floor price is 5 to 10 percent lower than the car manufacturer’s price. Alternatively, a ceiling price is the final price up to which you are willing to pay. If any dealer quotes a price that is higher than your ceiling price, you should shop around and look for other options. Therefore, a floor price and a ceiling price will assist you in cracking your deal and help you purchase the car within your range.

While purchasing a new car may be a long process, negotiating the deal doesn’t have to be. Consider the above pointers before you set out to negotiate the price of your next new car.

Hard to Shop For Men Christmas Presents – Unique Ornaments

Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to buy Christmas presents for the men in your life? One thing you can try is involving them in the decorations for the seasons and I don’t mean the lights display on the outside. While he may not be interested in fussing over wreaths and such, he would probably enjoy having his tastes reflected in unique ornaments that belong only to him hanging on the Christmas tree.

Ask yourself this list of questions for each of the men in your life. You should come up with some good ideas. Many of them you can fulfill by doing some simple searches, but if that doesn’t work, there is always the custom option. Many individuals who create Christmas ornaments will be happy to design or modify one specifically for you.

What is his favorite sport? You can go with the obvious balls and other accessories or make it more obviously Christmas-themed. A Santa with a baseball bat or kicking a soccer ball is an option, for example. Plus there are ornaments that feature team logos.

Where is he from? There could be an idea in his birthplace or the places he’s lived before. Maybe you could get him an ornament featuring a school he attended. Most colleges have Christmas ornaments in the catalogs they send alumni. If you don’t want to pay for the licensed design then pick something in his school colors.

What activities does he enjoy? Maybe he is passionate about grilling and would be entertained by a small grill or tools or a reindeer with a cooking apron. Maybe he used to play the guitar and doesn’t pick it up very often anymore but would enjoy a little hard rock reminder.

Does or did he have any pets? An ornament that looks like a favorite childhood dog will let him know that you’ve been listening to his stories, for example. Or maybe a snake coiled around presents would show that you really are accepting that unusual companion.

What is his cultural heritage? If you have different backgrounds, then you can give him an ornament that reflects his. If you have the same background and live in the same house, then you might be careful with this suggestion because he might feel that you are actually buying the ornament for yourself.

Does he like bright colors or rich colors? Any of the themes above can be represented many different ways. They can be humorous or serious. They can be complicated and realistic or cartoon like. You can even go for more abstract images.

The one thing that you must do if you give a man some unique Christmas ornaments is allow him to put them on the tree this year and every following year that he wants to. Otherwise it will be as if you didn’t give it to him. So don’t buy him something so awful you never want to see it again. Unless, perhaps, it’s for your brother-in-law and you want to get your sister back for the year she the candy out of your stocking and put it in her own.