How Is Tape Used To Promote Safety?

Tapes are used to promote safety in a variety of ways, from creating an airtight containment during an abatement job that prevents the spread of airborne hazards like mold and asbestos, to protecting electrical splices properly to prevent electric shock. Tape is also used to mark hazard areas and create boundaries to prevent entry into danger zones. Today we will be focusing on tapes that are specifically designed for the purpose of safety and hazard marking.

Flagging tapes are used in a variety of industries, from building and construction to forestry and surveying. These non-adhesive tapes are used to mark elements that are present on job sites that may not be visible, such as an underground gas line on the site of a commercial construction project. In this case, a length of flagging tape would be tied around a stake inserted into the ground at the location of the gas line, letting workers know to be careful when excavating in that area. Flagging tapes are also used in forests to mark trails, keeping visitors safely on the right path and protecting the surrounding environment from impact.

Floor marking tapes, often made with an SPVC film backing, are commonly used in manufacturing facilities and other industrial environments to mark different areas and hazards that workers need to be aware of. This might include marking the area around an electrical box to warn against getting too close, marking walking paths out of the way of large machinery or vehicles that pass through, or marking stairs and tripping hazards. Floor marking tapes can be found in a variety of solid colors and warning stripe patterns, and each one communicates a specific warning.

Lastly, barricade tapes are used in a variety of industries to communicate warnings and manage access to work sites and hazardous areas. These tapes are non-adhesive and can be found in a variety of colors and prints, including “Caution,” “Danger,” “Lead Hazard,” and more. Barricade tapes are designed to catch your eye and draw your attention in order to prevent injury that could occur from entering an area without taking proper precautions.

Whether the nature of your job causes you to come in contact with potential dangers on a regular basis, or a special project requires some extra caution, tape can be a simple and cost-effective way to help reduce preventable injuries and the costs associated with them.